There are very flexible and favors passengers

This involves transportation of large number of people to and from urban centres. Transits busses / city bus / commuter bus mainly carry out these services. They are used for both night and day transportation providing 24-hour operations services to their customers. Coaches are mainly used for long distance transport due to their comfortable and swift nature.There mainly keeps on stopping for boarding and alighting of passengers. There are very flexible and favors passengers that travel short distances e.g. work places on daily basis. They have no specific time under which they neither operate nor no programmed scheduled. minibus transportation

They run faster than other buses with no stopovers along the way. They follow scheduled time and programme which each have to adhere to. They are mainly used for long distance travelling e.g. from town to town or either from a particular country to another.They pick passengers from a particular point and transport them to another specified point. They have a close relation to express buses only that they have a few stopovers along the way. They can as well be used for long are designed to carry out rural transportation by being handy than other types of buses. They are able to deal with terrains and other tough roads especially during the rainy seasons. They also have special features that enable them to carry goods and other loads from rural to urban areas. They may connect rural to other rural or to major or minor urban centres.For those wishing to have long distances coaches are preferred as they are fast and less tiresome that other buses. Those wishing to travel with their goods should consider shuttle buses so as to easily connect them between terminals of their interest. For mail transportation, post bus is considered while school buses are preferred for schoolchildren and staff transportation.